Tests and Paperwork

17 12 2007

The plan is that hubby will get his SA done on Wednesday, which means we will hopefully have results by Friday. I’m really anxious to get the results. We have dragged our feet for so long on this, but I’m finally not afraid of the test. Hubby and I are pretty set on getting treatment, so getting the results has become much less of a frightening and life-changing event and much more of a step in the right direction. My only hope is that if the results come back bad, that they are still good enough for IUI or IVF.

Anyhow, with that in the works I have started filling out all the new patient forms for the fertility clinic that I picked out. This clinic is one of about 4 clinics that are in my medical group, so I am hoping that my OB/Gyn respects my wishes and gives me a referral to the clinic I have chosen. They come very highly recommended and they have the best statistics out of all the clinics in the area, so I really want to go with them. The paperwork is pretty in-depth. Lots of questions about my cycles, family history of genetic disorders, treatments we have tried so far, how long we’ve been married, even how often we have sex! I’m filling them out as best as I can. Of course I’m oh so worried that they will find some reason to not accept us for treatment. One of the questions asks about a family history of mental illness. My husband’s aunt is mentally ill so I should definitely note that on the form, but I’m terrified that they will see that and decide we have bad genes and then deny us. Paranoid isn’t it? I guess I just want so badly for this all to work out.




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