Testing Complete

19 12 2007

bad-brains.jpg    Just a quick update to say that the testing went well. No major problems. I’m sure it was beyond awkward for hubby, but he was quite the trooper about it. And in celebration we blasted Bad Brains on the stereo the whole way home. Good times. Fingers crossed that we get the results tomorrow!




4 responses

20 12 2007

glad it went well! sorry, i’m totally a stalker now! hehe!
hope you get great results tomorrow!! 🙂

20 12 2007

Just saw your blog listed at Lost&Found. Your history is kind of similar to mine with long cycles for unexplained reasons. I tried clomid too, but it kept giving me cysts. It’s on to Femara for me. Anyhow, good luck with the s/a. May the numbers be nice and high and the sperm swimming quickly and straight.

20 12 2007

I came here through lost and found. Good luck w/your husbands SA! My husand is infertile because of a birth defect :-(, but I knew from the beginning. I wish you guys luck!!

20 12 2007

Glad everything went well, crossing my fingers for good results!

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