Some Sad News, Some Good News, And Some Unanswered Questions

20 12 2007

I don’t even know where to start. I guess the bad news. I found out today that my dear friend just had a miscarriage. I feel horrible for her. We had a long talk and I was there for her as best as I could be. We’ve been pretty secret about our fertility issues, so no one really knows that we had a miscarriage, including her. So I decided to tell her about our miscarriage. We were able to mourn together. She said that in some weird way she was relieved when I told her, and I completely understand. I felt the same way when she told me. It isn’t that we are happy about what has happened to us, but there is comfort in knowing that someone else knows what you are going through without even having to say a word. I just feel really sad right now. I’m sad for her and I’m also reminded of what happened to us. It definitely brings up all those emotions that I have tried not to deal with. So I know you don’t know her, but keep her in your thoughts if you can.

I don’t want to dwell on that too much. Goodness knows I will be dwelling on it for a long time. So I will move on to the test results. Hubby’s SA results are in. His sperm count is 79! Normal is over 20, so this is a very good number. His motility is on the lower end of normal at 51%, but with 79 for a sperm count I don’t think that is much to worry about. His pH is a little high at 8.5, so I think we might go to a urologist and have that checked out. It might be a sign of infection. The main concern with high pH is that it can kill sperm, but he doesn’t seem to have that problem, so I’m not too concerned. So with the results that we have things are looking good. I’m shocked all in all because I was sure the count would be low. Yay for a promising result. About a month and a half ago we started hubby on a whole list of pills that are supposed to help with sperm count and quality, so maybe it is working. I know they usually say it takes 3 months, but I’m being hopeful. Afterall, if hubby’s count was bad before and just improved because of these pills, then maybe we will have luck soon. A girl can dream, right?

Now for the unanswered questions. The SA results are not yet complete. If you have gone through this before you might notice that I left out morphology. Some would argue that is the most important number of all. Well it turns out they didn’t write down how long we had abstained for and apparently they need that info to finish the morphology calculation. So we called them today with that number and hopefully we will have the morphology results in the near future. At least that is what the girl at the lab said. Hopefully she is right because I REALLY want to know the morphology results.

So that is that. I’m going to go take a nice, warm shower and try to think good thoughts. Hope everyone has a good night!




One response

21 12 2007

oh i’m so sorry for your friend (and you) about the miscarriage 😦 i could see how being in the same boat would be very comforting. good that you have each other! {{HUGS}}
so hooray for the good news with the SA.. i hope hope hope you hear soon about the morphology!! we haven’t done a SA yet.. probably next cycle. we have to pay for everything since my insurance won’t cover any infertility stuff.. ugh.. anyway.. hooray for the count!!! what pills did your DH go on? just curious..
hope you had a great night.. hope you hear results soon and that they are good!
fingers crossed for you!

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