I’m a Dumb Dumb Head

21 12 2007

I don’t know when exactly I got the idea that this dream RE was in my medical group, but apparently I was oh so very wrong. Today I managed to get my gyno’s office to refer me to the clinic I wanted (the aforementioned “dream RE”) instead of the one they were going to refer me to. But after checking again, I realized that my dream RE was in a completely different medical group than me. Oops. I’m sure that is a fact that will dawn on my gyno’s office soon enough. And that is probably why my gyno wanted to refer me to the other clinic to begin with. So, not to be outdone, I said screw that and changed my medical group. Oh yes I did. Might sound a little drastic, but I wish you could see the stats. The clinic I was originally going to be referred to had an IVF success rate of about 30% for women my age, while my dream RE has a success rate of over 50% for women my age. So yeah, if we end up plunking down 10K for all this stuff, I’m damn sure going with the clinic with the best stats. And they also come very highly recommended by a couple people I know. If nothing else, they are much friendlier than the clinic I was going to be going to. And friendly is important when someone is going to be poking and prodding, like an RE.

So time will tell if my scheming worked out. It is touchy because my referral is coming from my gyno (who is in my current medical group) to my dream RE (who is the medical group I will officially be in as of January 1st). Confusing enough? I think so. I hate insurance sometimes. So wish me luck and may the fertility clinic fairies smile upon me… or some thing along those lines. 😀




2 responses

21 12 2007

Hope it works for you

23 12 2007

oh man! what a huge pain in the ass! i’d be confused too! i totally hear you on going to a group with a better rating.. oh i wish you the best!! 😀

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