Referral in the Works

21 12 2007

I will hopefully have another update with the rest of hubby’s SA results this afternoon. Fingers crossed. In other news however, my doctor is putting through a referral to a fertility clinic for us. We are just waiting to see if my insurance goes along with it. He didn’t refer me to the clinic I was hoping for and, being the pansy that I am, I didn’t push the issue. Why am I so bad with confrontation? Anyways, I just looked up the clinic online and their stats are less than impressive, and the doctors have less than stellar ratings on those websites where patients review doctors. So all in all I’m not thrilled with my doctor’s choice. I think I might go to the clinic I chose originally despite who my gyno referred me to. My insurance is an HMO, but it has an option where you can refer yourself to a apecialist if you are willing to pay a higher co-pay. Which doesn’t really matter anyways, because they don’t do the co-pay thing with infertility. We pay 50% of everything infertility related, except for IVF, GIFT, etc. which they don’t cover at all. So I think I will call my insurance and see if I can just go to where I want to go instead. If I’m going to pay huge amounts of money to some doctor, I’m going to go with the best for my money.




2 responses

21 12 2007

I definitely agree, you should go whereever you want. These decisions are entirely too hard without second guessing your doctor or trusting them. I did some research on the clinic my gyno referred us to and ended up picking someplace different.

23 12 2007

ugh.. sucks about your doctor referring to a place you don’t want to go.. i didn’t have that problem seeing that my insurance won’t cover one freaking penny grrrrrr… anyway.. i hope it works out for the best and you end up with the best care possible!

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