Christmas Fun

27 12 2007

Just a quick post to say we survived the holidays. I hope everyone else had a great one. Hubby and I spent Christmas morning baking up a storm for the Christmas get together with his family. We made two apple pies, two pumpkin pies, two batches of lemon bars, and two batches of fudge. All vegan of course. The family loved all of it as usual. They kept telling us how great everything was, so that made us feel great. And they had tons of vegan food for us there as well. They are great for that. Out of all the food only a couple items weren’t vegan. So good times there. Now it is just time to relax after all the chaos. Hubby is back at work today, but I luckily have work off until the 2nd of January.

Not a whole lot new on the IF front. All that was kind of on the back burner during the holidays. But hopefully we will get our referrals and appointments set up soon. Fingers crossed.




One response

27 12 2007

mmm.. sounds like you had a great feast!!
i so wanna make lemon bars!!

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