Telling the Family… Well, Some of Them

30 12 2007

I finally told my parents that we are trying, and that we haven’t had any luck, and that we are looking to see a specialist. I didn’t mention the miscarriage. I can’t bring myself to talk about that just yet. I can’t believe it has been almost two years since we started trying and I have finally told them. I don’t know why I was so scared to tell them, but I was. They seem thrilled and they had encouraging words to say. I feel better not having to keep it secret anymore, at least not from them. We still haven’t told my husband’s family, however. For some reason I don’t really want to tell them because I’m worried that they will be the type to ask about it every day and hound me about it. Hubby would be more than happy to tell them. He hates having to be so hush hush about it all. So that’s that. My family is in the know. Holy crap!




3 responses

31 12 2007

It is a scary but liberating feeling when you start telling people. I’m glad it went well for you and they were supportive.

31 12 2007

It is natural to get scared while telling the truth. I wish you good luck.

31 12 2007

glad you got it off your chest!
my mom knows and doesn’t much care. ugh.
anyway.. you must be relieved!
happy new year! 🙂

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