This Takes Forever Doesn’t It?

6 01 2008

Well, I contacted the fertility clinic about scheduling before they have that precious referral in their hands. Their answer… absolutely not. I tried. So onto the quest for the referral. I went to my new primary care doctor. He was great, very nice, and an all-around good guy. But he couldn’t give me the referral until I saw the gyno. Booo. So hopefully Monday I will make that appointment and maybe then I will get the referral. Wow, this is really dragging on. I hate insurance companies sometimes. So that is where I am now in the waiting game.

In other news, I am 7 dpo today. Although it seems like forever since we first started trying, and we have decided to pursue IF treatment, we haven’t completely given up on conceiving on our own. So I find myself here in the 2ww. I’m not terribly hopeful, but there is always that glimmer of hope. After all, my tests have come back fine, hubby’s tests have come back fine, and we did manage to get pregnant once. So who knows, it could happen. Not much to report on the 2ww other than the fact that I am 7 dpo and I have not spotted once since ovulation. I couldn’t be happier about that. Ever since our miscarriage nearly 7 months ago, I have spotted every cycle (with the exception of Clomid cycles) from about 6 dpo on. So just making it to 7 dpo is exciting for me. It gives me hope that my body is finally getting back on track after the miscarriage. Even if I start spotting tomorrow it will feel like a victory.




2 responses

6 01 2008

Sorry you weren’t able to get an appointment. I wish that just someone realized how hard all this waiting is.

Good luck with all your appointments and this cycle. I was always a spotter until I started Prometrium. Making it to 7dpo is great, gives that potential little bean some time to burrow in!

Good luck!

6 01 2008


That rocks my socks. Good for you!!

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