So Far, So Good

13 01 2008

Goodness, I have been slacking on updating. Well, my temp went back up and I got an even darker +. I have vowed to put that darn thermometer away. I don’t need that stress. Right now things are going good. My boobs are killing me and I’m pretty exhausted most of the time, but I’m loving it. I really am still in shock about it all. And it came at a great time too. My due date for our miscarriage is in February, as is the 2-year mark for the beginning of our TTC journey. Assuming that everything continues to go well, this will allow us to look at February as a good month and not as a reminder of sad times. I’m still taking it one day at a time. I have decided that there is nothing I can do about a miscarriage, so why stress about it. I’m going to try and enjoy this and not think about the “what if” scenarios.

Then there is the insurance. It is funny that this happened right after I switched doctors so we could go to the fertility clinic we wanted. Which means now I have a new gyno and a new hospital that I don’t like. So I put in for a request to switch my medical group back again so that I can go to my old gyno. I’m really looking forward to being back with his office. They are great people. I will be officially switched back on February 1st.  He usually schedules the first appointment at 6 weeks, so hopefully I will have an appointment shortly after the 1st. I will be 6 weeks on January 27th.

Oddly enough, my DH has told some of his co-workers, but none of our family. I have only told one friend who has also had loses and is currently pregnant. Not sure when we are going to tell everyone. DH has the point of view that he wants to tell right away. That way if we have a miscarriage, we can be sad without having to hide it or make up excuses. But at the same time he has decided not to tell family just yet. He is a little conflicted on the whole thing. I’m fine with not telling for a while. My father is coming to visit in a few days and I think that will be the big test. If DH wants to tell then, then we will need to tell the rest of our parents. I guess there isn’t really a right answer. We’ll see how it goes.




One response

14 01 2008

ohmygod you made me nervous not posting! i was so worried!! i’m soooo happy you’re getting darker +++!! yes! stop temping!! oh i’m so excited for you!!! hope you keep getting lots of symptoms! 😀

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