Telling the Family… Well, Some of Them

30 12 2007

I finally told my parents that we are trying, and that we haven’t had any luck, and that we are looking to see a specialist. I didn’t mention the miscarriage. I can’t bring myself to talk about that just yet. I can’t believe it has been almost two years since we started trying and I have finally told them. I don’t know why I was so scared to tell them, but I was. They seem thrilled and they had encouraging words to say. I feel better not having to keep it secret anymore, at least not from them. We still haven’t told my husband’s family, however. For some reason I don’t really want to tell them because I’m worried that they will be the type to ask about it every day and hound me about it. Hubby would be more than happy to tell them. He hates having to be so hush hush about it all. So that’s that. My family is in the know. Holy crap!


22 Months In: What We Know and Where We Are Going

14 12 2007

What we know so far: an ultrasound shows that my uterus is normal, my hormone levels are fine, I ovulate on my own, and 4 rounds of Clomid did nothing for us. And after our miscarriage (~ 5 weeks) after 15 months of trying to conceive, we now know that we can theoretically get pregnant.

Where we are going: Next step is a semen analysis for hubby. If that comes back bad, then we will look into IUI or IVF. If it comes back fine, then we might need to take another look at my fertility. Either way, I’m hoping to move from our OB/Gyn to a fertility specialist. I have one in mind and I look at their website far too much just thinking about taking that next step. The scary part is the money. We have decided to go ahead with treatment if that is what we need, but it is pretty intimidating to look at the cost of some of these procedures and say… “yeah, sure, let’s do that.”

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. We still have to have that darn SA done. I could say that hubby has been dragging his feet about it, but honestly I have too. I want to badly to know what is wrong, but at the same time I hate to know the truth. The tentative plan is for hubby to get the SA done this week. So assuming that we get our ass in gear, I will have some results to report by next week.

Well enough about IF for now. I think I will try to put up a non-IF post soon with some vegan baked goods. Because they are pretty, and it gives me a good excuse to make and eat some yummy sweets. 😉