Our TTC History

March 2006 – First cycle off birth control. Started trying to conceive and started charting too. Right away I started ovulating again, but my cycles were always 40-50 days.

September 2006 – Concerned with spotting, long cycles, and that we hadn’t conceived yet, I visited the OB/Gyn. Pelvic ultrasound ordered. Results: normal.

December 2006 – Still concerned that we hadn’t conceived. Bloodwork ordered. Hormone levels and thyroid are normal. Clomid prescribed to remedy long cycles/late ovulation.

January 2007 – First Clomid cycle. BFN

February 2007 – Second Clomid cycle. BFN

March 2007 – Decided not to continue with Clomid.

June 2007 – Surprise BFP!! Started spotting just days after we found out. Betas not doubling and miscarried naturally.

July 2007 – 4 weeks later, betas finally back at zero.

August 2007 – Decided to try Clomid again. Third Clomid cycle. BFN

September 2007 – Took another break from Clomid. Checked in with OB/Gyn again about our issues conceiving. Prescribed 3 more rounds of Clomid and semen analysis ordered for DH (which we didn’t do).

October 2007 – Fourth Clomid cycle. BFN

November 2007 – Decided to skip Clomid until we get results from the SA.

December 2007 – Yes, we are finally done dragging our feet. SA scheduled for 12/19/2007.

Future… hopefully transferring to a fertility clinic in January/February


One response

21 12 2007

I have spotting problems, too, and know how hard it can be to figure out what in the world is going on. I hope you get to go to the clinic you feel will help you most. I’ll be cheering for you!

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